New features! We decided that our forms page was just not strong enough. So now, our super-strength forms can handle more kinds of data input, such as radio buttons, pull down select boxes, and check boxes.

Also, we added an entirely new pagetype, a real text editor! Using this new editor is just like using a word processor. Finally SiteSkins site owners have the control over text that they want, including text colors, fonts, sizes, and the ability to turn any text into a link.

Two cool new features added! With expanded logo editing tools, users can now change the color and the size of their logo text overlays! Also, the new Text-to-Link has been added. This useful new feature means that every time an email address or website address has been typed into a page, it becomes 'active' as a link upon publish, saving time and preventing our users from having to use html code!

New skins added. New total number of skins for SiteSkins is over 1030. We have several new styles in the design room being prepared as well.

New SiteAnnounce feature! This will allow site owners to easily announce their website and changes, etc., to lists which they maintain and edit. This is not for spam, but for keeping in touch with friends, relatives, and business associates.

Also new, is the SkinHistory feature, which, as the name implies, allows users to reverse skin their site to any of their previous 30 skins! This cool feature is really a useability feature which takes SiteSkins just that much further.

NEW! Full length Christmas and seasonal music! We have struck agreements with a group of independent musicians to provide to our users streaming audio for websites of full length songs. This means that as songs are downloading, they are already playing, so wait time is minimal.

We have had better than anticipated response from the indie music community for our SiteClips project, garnering support from some of independent musics most talented artists and songwriters. We are rapidly building an arsenal of SiteClips -now numbering in the hundreds- for adding audio elements to websites. (see our homepage for an example)

Custom Colors have been added! A new way to add visual depth and to enhance the 'custom feel' of your SiteSkins site, is to use the admin tools in the control panel to set colors for Links, Text and Headers. The headers is displayed at this site. Notice the blue headings that appear on almost all pages? That was set in one global setting and appears accross all pages! On this news page, we used orange.

Introducing SiteClips for SiteSkins!

Now users of Modomedia SiteSkins can add audio loops, backgrounds and effects to their websites! This new feature is fully implemented, but only a few clips are available at present. Within the next few months we will be adding many more clips and loops.

SiteSkins 1.5 just released! We now have added (at no cost to our existing users) a suite of new tools as well as new pagetypes and a new skin series called "Zero".

Now you can build a FAQ pagetype for question and answer format. As well as a "raw html" pagetype which will allow users who already have familiarity with html, enter that directly into their pages, without causing damage to the surrounding skin style.

Another improvement is the addition of better help section, as well as many code fixes.

An important addition is the conversion of our image libraries to .png format. This little known, but widely compatible image format offers much better compression than our gif files, and now the same site skin will load between 100-400% faster. A dramatic improvement to the SiteSkins service. Stay tuned for more!

We are implementing code blocks which will allow SiteSkins (the service/builder tools)to be viewed in various languages. First up will likely be Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. We are seeking help in translation, if you have experience in this area, and would like to help, let us know!

Also, new pagetypes are finished and ready on the development area, and will be made live soon.

We are already busy working on a new feature list which will probably be launched in Fall of 2002. Coming soon are new pagetypes, new tools for the control panel, and as always, a lot more great looking skins!

We are "go"! Happy to announce the official launch of Modomedia SiteSkins today! After many long nights of testing and improving, we are ready to release our first version of this groundbreaking website service. It is free to make a trial website, so what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Still testing and making sure SiteSkins is ready for the official 'soft launch' date of 6/10/2002. Things are progressing well, and we are adding enhancements, specifically those that clarify the builder and also preparing new site styles as well... stay tuned!

We are now entering "public beta" stage. While we are still rounding out the final SiteSkins service, we are now opening it up to be tried by the public. Would you like to see what SiteSkins is all about? Go to the SiteSkins website, and setup a test account! It is free of charge, and will allow you to help us improve the service before we launch in less than a month!

Just added the "suggestion box", a location at the main SiteSkins site, which allows users and test users alike to submit any idea, complaint, praise or suggestion that they feel like. The submissions are output to a location that will be referred to and studied by the product development team. This should prove to be a very important part of our 'digital nervous system'.

We have added 3 new pagetypes to the SiteSkins service. Also, we are in the beta test phase, and so far it is holding up fairly well.

We are gearing up for the June 10th release of SiteSkins, our new product. It is in the final testing stage at this time, and more news will be available here as we get closer to the final launch.

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