Introducing SiteSkinstm!
Don't let a lack of money, time or web design experience keep you from creating a great website. Modomedia has just spent the last 3 years working on a product that can help you now. Click here to make your own website.

The new product is a service
Now, in 2002, Modomedia has launched the new product which is actually a service! This new product allows users to sign up, choose a website style from literally hundreds of options, and build a site in minutes.

Additionally, the service will soon allow for registration of a TLD (top level domain) as well as providing hosting, and an easy to understand web interface for making edits and improvements to the site.

We cannot describe the excitement as we launch a product that has been in development since 1998. Please give it a try, and don't forget, there is no risk involved, no complicated signup. Make your own website